Fix logic so subscribers with no new posts do not recieve updates.



Fix error, when a child category doesn’t have any posts published , it wasn’t displaying for selection in widget screen.



Most Recent posts show posts chronologically, including posts that have previousy been viewed. Previously, if a post had previously been viewed by a subscriber, this was automatically replaced with an older post that they had not seen. This is no longer the case as in some cases it led to very old posts being shown.



Minor CSS Fix to Submit Preferences Button


Major New Update

– Send in Batches (Send Optimisation)

Send unlimited emails without affecting performance. Set sending configuration according to your sites server capability

– Set limit of users

– Set time for each send

– Category fix

New categories are added, not overwritten

– Subscriber emails

Non-logged in users can subscribe using any subscription widget and button and only fill in details once.

Logged in email will be displayed both on auto tag widget and widget.

Logged in users can auto-subscribe using subscribe button.

Logged in users preferences remembered.

– Template Design.

Select Font Size and Font Spacing added.

New button designs on template

New logo upload

– User Management

View each subscriber’s’ latest send.

– Better pagination

Send Log

– Turn on/ turn off send log


– Admin Style Changes

– “Select all” function for categories for admin in back end

– Separation of category page subscription pop-up into widget

– Complete email code was stored in the database for the send log previously. For large sites this could cause issues. Now only post id’s are stored, with the template dynamically generated.

– Improvements to back-end logic to ensure even smoother running

– Overall cleaning and improving code



Minor typographic correction to widget submit field

V1.2.2 03/ 08/ 2015

Improvements to admin area and UX.

V1.2.1 09/ 05/ 2015

Fix to CSV import bug.

V1.2 03/ 04/ 2015

Major New Feature- Optional “Subscribe To This Category” button and pop-up form feature has been added.

Major New Feature- Subscriber preferences page- Subscribers can now view and edit their preferences via the Subscriber Preferences page and shortcode.

Shortcode Fix- Fix error, shortcode reflects widget settings made on the widget

Logo display in template design- fixed display of logo in admin area

V1.1.2. 20/ 12/ 2014

– Logo spacing – Fix spaces in logo names in Template Design which can cause problems in Gmail

– “For Each Post” mode- When a post is published in a particular category, emails are only sent to subscribers in that category, not all subscribers in the post-type

– Scheduling- If no new posts have been created in a category, scheduled (empty) emails are not triggered

– Email duplication- if an email has been sent previously, it will not be re-triggered by another event, eg scheduling or post publication in another category

V1.1.1 15/ 12/ 2014

– Display subscriber Category and Post Types by name (not number in) User Management

– Fix to Multi-Type Subscription- Ensure the same email address can subscribe to multiple types on the same site- eg Product Updates and Post Updates