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We’ve Made Some Extensions! Check Them Out!

With 100, 000’s+ of website users already recieivng content updates powered by Native Email, our growing suite of extensions makes Naitve Email for WordPress the most complete category email solution on the market.

  • Give your site users instant, flexible, personalised email alerts. Native Email promotes all your content including blog posts, directory listings, eCommerce products or pages.
  • This powerful, customisable widget allows site users to follow the tags or categories related to your posts, seamlessly using your existing theme CSS.


    • Automatically displays the tags or categories relating to a post or product to allow easy subscription
    • Auto-populates the email subscribe field for Native Email subscribers
    • Fully customisable
    • Super easy- install and it appears below your posts
  • Display an opt-in box on all your website category pages and allow instant subscription.
  • Boost open rates by displaying the title of your post in the inbox subject field of your Native Email alerts.

    Sending the same subject with each message is OK.  But it could encourage inbox fatigue- or even worse, turn your subscribers off all together. Give your subscribers a heads-up about the email content and the chances are, they will have a look. Post Title As Subject gives all your emails a unique subject taken from the title of your post. Be it a new property listing, a new blog post or a new product, this add-on is sure to improve your open rates.


    •  Display the post title as the subject line of emails
    •  Add a prefix line for all emails
    •  Easilly install and set up in seconds!
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